Produttori di sistemi per Acquacoltura, Ossigenatori, Distributori mangime


Fabbrica Attrezzature Speciali (Special Instruments Factory)

We produce and distribute:

  • Industrial plants for automation, stevedoring and transportation fit for all types of industries
  • Aquafarming tools. Complete systems for oxygenation or feeding. Water epuration systems and fish compactors

We develop specialized systems for stevedoring and transportation of any material (trasportation in line, in elevation or in a curved path) through the use of conveyor belts, slat conveyors, rollers - depending on the client’s needs.

Development and distribution of systems for acquacolture, and for both extensive and intensive fish farming.


Conveyors, specific equipments


Oxygenators, feed suppliers.

We are official dealer Aquacultur.
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Product types

Curve conveyors

Motorised systems for curve transportation of unpackaged materials on belt conveyors.

Line conveyors

Motorised systems for line transportation of unpackaged materials on belt conveyors.

Roller conveyors

Motorised systems for linear transportation of unpackaged materials on stainless steel rollers.

Water oxygenators

water oxygenation equipments for intensive fish farming.

Aquacoltur equipments

Various devices for the management of intensive fish farming.

You can find us at Vago di Lavagno, Verona (Italy).