Produttori di sistemi per Acquacoltura, Ossigenatori, Distributori mangime

We have been founded in 1986, after a thirty years experience as producers of automation systems and transportation systems for all types of industries.
Today, we produce line conveyor belts and net conveyor belts, curve conveyors, various elevators and hoppers, chain delivery transportations with retarders and sideshifters, roller conveyors, motorised roller conveyors, heliconveyors, and other products.
Each device is completely manufactured in our site at Vago (Verona), making use of modern instruments such as benders, punching machines, CNC lathes.
We employ a team of mechanical designers and technicians who are capable of implementing custom implants on request, and also of developing them from a design sheet provided directly by the client.

Thanks to the experience and perseverance we have acquired over the years, today FAS is renown on the market for their reliability and the quality of their works.

Our aim is to guarantee quality, responsibility and good service to our clients.

Starting from 1992 we have also begun branching and developing in the aquacolture sector, introducing in the market a new type of water oxygenation systems which ratonalise the resources, reducing the use of oxyen and electricity.
After a careful analysis and numerous testings, today we also offer “Turboxygene®” models, apt to satisfy any requirements.
Thanks to the constant R&D, our procducts range is constantly renewed and increased, with groundbreaking developments such as integral systems for oxygenation, feeding, water epuration, and fish compactors.
Currently, our aquacolture products can be found in many fish farms throughout Italy, Europe and the world.

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